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     Healing is impossible in loneliness but is achievable with love and community. Community shows love for all living beings is still possible in a consumerist world where people so often ignore and fight one another. It is a clear demonstration we do not need a lot of money to be happy; we just need each other. My interest in psychology is deeply rooted in my need to help others to attain true happiness. One of the most profound learning experiences I have had was while I was assisting one of the first year psychology students at Trent University. I had been given the opportunity to help a physically disabled student who had severe speech limitations with his first-year psychology assignment. Not only was I was able to face my fear of failing him as both his tutor and transcriber, but I also gained a strong assurance in my comprehension and teaching skills, alongside a sense of fulfilment. My conversations with him opened up my eyes, and sometimes, they broke my heart. He shared the sadness he felt when people avoided eye contact with him or moved to the opposite side of the hallway or room. This young man revealed that he was lonely and that the avoidance was more painful than someone simply asking him questions about his condition. He disclosed that many people forgot he was a loving, intelligent, and sexual human being; He felt that those individuals couldn't look past his ailments. From that day on, I have made a conscious effort to make sure I never avoided eye contact with anyone again. This small change of my behaviour could reduce, or remove another human beings’ internalised pain. These humble modifications learned through communication are how we can build strong psyches and effective communities.

    Self-reflection is one of the most difficult tasks, and it is a job which is never complete as we are always evolving. Like many, I used to struggle to look within and understand how to do this. Learning to look within to who you are, as opposed to internalising what other people say, is something you learn through experience. How we view the world, or how we think, is ever changing as we grow as a human beings. We all have a growing capacity; our mistakes and triumphs in our daily life build a bank of events and emotions to draw on while in session with clients. To genuinely know oneself, a high degree of self-awareness is needed. When someone has had life events which led to the occurrence of emotional extremes, which they have recovered from, they gain a stronger emotional understanding. 

     It is my personal goal to help my clients achieve happiness. What we do with our lives, how we interact with society, and the love in our hearts are important aspects which are related to each other. Together they can help one attain peace of mind. However, an imbalance can have a detrimental effect on the success and health of an individual. This is where I can come in. Discovering happiness is dependent on our relationships with each other and our environment. It is something you build towards, but it is not a stagnant goal. One must continue to improve his or her self as the days go by, and I want to help my future clients grow just as I do my friends, family, and myself. The phrase 'it takes a village to raise a child' is not as common as it once was, but this strength of community is what contributes to a strong person. I intend to use my gifts to restructure our individualistic existence for a collective one.

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I am a unique therapeutic service dedicated to recovering what I believe is the essence of psychological treatment: holistic treatment of the entire person. 

We are not made of bits and pieces; we are not divided into sections, and we deserve to feel whole.

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I am a Masters Candidate working under the supervision of Dr. Patricia Conroy at Trent View Counselling Center in Trenton, Ontario.

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